Metal Bending in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Bending in Phoenix, AZ

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This page is dedicated to metal bending, a crucial process in metal fabrication. Metal bending achieves different shapes, angles, and configurations of metal, making it indispensable. Whether it’s forming simple bends or intricate curves, metal bending is vital for the production of a wide range of metal components used in various applications.

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What is Metal Bending?

Metal bending is the deformation of metal workpieces, bending them at the desired angle and shape and making them useful for further processes. It requires careful consideration of the metal and its attributes to achieve the goal without causing rupturing or fracturing of the metal. Multiple methods are used for metal bending, including press brake bending, roll bending, stretch bending, etc. It is not a process you can try on your own.

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How Does Steel Bending Work?

Steel, aluminum orstainless steel bending is the same as bending any other metal. Bending metal is a complicated process that requires considering the thickness and hardness of the metal so that when the force is applied, the metal doesn’t fracture. The pressing force is more than the material’s strength, so the metal doesn’t resist and takes the desired shape.

Metal bending is not only for sheets but also for steel and metal tube bending.

Techniques for Bending Metal

Multiple techniques are used to bend metal. Some of which are discussed here:

Press Brake Bending

The most common stainless steel bending method is a press brake machine. The workpiece is placed between the punch and die, and the force causes the sheet to bend.

Roll Bending

Roll bending, or plate rolling, involves passing a metal workpiece through a series of rollers to gradually bend it into a desired shape. Roll bending is commonly used for forming cylindrical, conical, or curved metal profiles.

Stretch Bending

Stretch bending is the method of bending metal by using a curved die. It is a popular method for steel tube bending.

Hot Bending

Hot bending is a self-explanatory concept in which metal is heated before being bent. Heating increases the metal’s ductility and reduces the risk of cracking.

Metal Bending Machines at AZ Metals

Metal bending is in high demand, but quality metal bending is rare. At AZ Metals, you get the highest-quality metal bending services, achieved through our state-of-the-art machines.

Currently, we are using:

Our star machine is an AccurPress 120 ton – 10’ press brake.  This machine has a CNC controlled set up and back gauging. It can bend metal as thin as 24 gauge and as thick as .188” (3/16”) across the full 10’ width and up to 5’ wide on .250” (1/4”) material.

The Baileigh magnetic brake is our finger brake machine. It can do a 16-gauge 8’ on ferrous material and 22-gauge non-ferrous material. If you have a special design in mind, this machine can help.

At AZ Metals, we also offer custom metal fabrication. If you have a specific bend in mind, discuss it with our expert team, and we will offer you the best solution.

Why Choose AZ Metals for Metal Bending?

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  • We boast of our 13 years of experience and reputation in the metal industry as Phoenix’s best metal supplier and service provider.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What type of metals can be bent?

Ans: Metal bending can be applied to multiple metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, and other alloys. It can be used for steel tube bending, sheet metal bending, pipe bending, etc.

Que: What factors influence bend angle and radii in metal bending?

Ans: The bend angle and radius in metal bending are influenced by factors such as the material’s thickness, ductility, and hardness, the type of bending technique used, the radius of the bending die or tool, and the equipment’s capabilities.

Que: How to ensure quality and accuracy when bending metal?

Ans: Quality and precision in metal bending can be ensured by partnering with AZ Metals, where our trained professionals use machines and knowledge to achieve the desired bent.

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