Metal Custom Fabrication in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Custom Fabrication in Phoenix, AZ

Metal fabrication is an art, and no two pieces are the same. Each project is distinct and, thus, has different metal fabrication needs. At AZ Metals, we understand that, and thus, we offer custom metal fabrication services that suit your needs. Whether you need a certain alloy or want to transform it into a distinct shape, you can rely on us.

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What is Metal Fabrication?

The definition of metal fabrication is quite broad, considering it includes multiple metals and techniques that transform metal. Metal sawing, cutting, shearing, notching, drilling, punching, bending and welding are all metal fabrication techniques and are used to make metal suitable for different purposes.

Nevertheless, this task is far from straightforward. Achieving high-quality results demands precision, skill, expertise, and dedication. Therefore, when entrusting your metalwork to a professional, you can expect a satisfactory outcome due to their specialized abilities.At AZ Metals, we possess years of experience, and you can trust us.

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Metal Fabrication Services We Offer

Choose AZ Metals for any metal fabrication services. Once you choose AZ Metals, you need not worry about finding another metal fabricator for stainless steel custom fabrication.

Check out our metal fabrication services here:

  • Plasma Cutting
  • Tube Rolling
  • Welding
  • Small and Large Pipe Cutting
  • Shearing and Saw Cutting
  • Hole Punching
  • Notching and Drilling
  • Sheet Bending

To gain an expertise in metal fabrication is something to boast of, and we do it. Our services are unmatched.

Why Should You Choose AZ Metals?

There are many reasons why you should choose us:

Variety of Products

You’ll discover that our range of products is more extensive than anywhere else in Mesa and surrounding areas. We sell retail and wholesale, and you can buy products of all shapes and sizes. Do you need custom steel fabrication? We do that. Do you need stainless steel products? We have them in all shapes and sizes: bars, rods, pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, etc.

We house every product type that you might need.

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Custom Metal Fabrication

We understand that no two projects are alike. Thus, our metal fabrication process starts with understanding your needs. What you need is what we deliver. We turn your ideas into reality.

Even if it is a DIY project and you need a single metal piece fabricated a certain way, we can do it for you.

We offer custom metal fabrication in Phoenix, AZ, Mesa, and the surrounding area.

Precision and Skills

AZ Metals has been in business since 2011. Since 2011, we have been committed to delivering quality products and services. We have over 20000+ line items that you can choose from.

Custom steel fabrication requires precision and attention to detail. Without precision, metal products cannot achieve finesse. We have invested in state-of-the-art machines and trained our staff so every project ends with customer satisfaction.

When you hire us for a project, you will see the result, and you will not be disappointed. We can guarantee that.


It takes effort, dedication, commitment, and skills to maintain consistency. By maintaining consistency in our processes, we have established a distinct reputation for quality metal custom fabrication in Phoenix, AZ, Mesa, and surrounding areas. If anything has ever changed, it’s us. We have only gotten better.

Our Assets

Our greatest assets are our staff, whom we have trained over the years. The alignment of their vision with ours has helped us achieve it. At AZ Metals, Mesa, AZ, we believe in growing together.

In addition, our advanced machinery ensures that we deliver consistent quality. We embrace technology with open arms, which is evident in our workshop.

However, machines don’t work on their own. They need an experienced hand to guide them. Doug and the management staff are the experienced hands behind the machinery. With our years of experience in the metal industry, we have made AZ Metals the most trusted metal fabrication service provider in Mesa, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Is custom steel fabrication cost-effective for small projects?

Ans: Yes, it is, considering you need not invest in machinery and tools to achieve your desired results. On the other hand, standardized and pre-made products might not meet your requirements. So, invest in custom metal fabrication.

Que: Is custom metal fabrication suitable for intricate and complex designs?

Ans: Advanced techniques such as laser cutting, 3D modeling, and CNC machining can create even complex and intricate designs with relative ease.

Que: What factors should you consider when choosing a custom metal fabricator?

Ans: When selecting a custom metal fabrication provider, consider the provider’s experience, expertise, capabilities, equipment, quality assurance processes, and reputation. Also, consider their additional services, pricing, lead time, etc.

For quality metal custom fabrication services in Phoenix, Mesa, and surrounding areas in Arizona, contact AZ Metals!

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