Metal Shearing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Shearing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Welcome! If you are looking for quality metal shearing in Phoenix, Arizona, you are in the right place.

Metal shearing refers to cutting metals using a shear force. It involves applying a shearing force to the metal, typically using a specialized shear tool to produce clean, straight cuts. Many industries use metal shearing to produce components with precise dimensions and tight tolerances.

Process of Metal Shearing

Metal shearing is a blend of art, science, and skills, of course. It is not as simple as putting metal under the machine and shearing it. Many factors must be considered to ensure that the edges are clean, precise, and accurate.

The metal shear cutter has two blades: stationary and moving. The metal piece is clamped down by the “hold downs” first. The shear table is ensured to be stable and clutter-free, so the metal doesn’t move when the blade descends on it. The upper shear blade comes down with considerable force. A small gap between the two blades allows the metal to be cut precisely and offers cleaner cuts.

Metal Shear Cutters

Metal shearing has evolved over the years, and electric sheet metal shears have made it more accurate than ever. The machines have made the process quick and better, and thus, at AZ Metals, Phoenix, Arizona, we use modern state-of-the-art machines that offer the cleanest and straightest cuts. This allows us to serve you with unparalleled quality.

Our Electric Metal Shears

At AZ Metals, we use the following metal shear cutter machines:

Our prized shearing machine is the Cincinnati 1810 ¼” x 10’ mechanical squaring shear. It is the best machine out there that can shear as thin as 24 GA up to ¼” mild steel, 3/16” stainless steel, and HSLA (high strength low alloy). It has a 36” power back gauge. Typically, it can shear to a tolerance of +/- 1/16th “.

This is a multipurpose machine that can cut aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, copper, brass, hot-rolled and cold-rolled metal, carbon, steel, and many others.

Our next electric sheet metal shear is Wysong 12ga mechanical squaring shear with a capacity to shear 12 Gauge x 52”. It can shear as thin as 24 Gauge and up to 12 Gauge mild steel, 14 Gauge stainless steel, and high strength low alloy steel and carbon steel.

The last one is GEKA Ironworker, which cuts mild steel up to 5/8” thick X 24” wide and has a typical tolerance of (+/-.125”).

Why Choose AZ Metals?

It is a general question as to ‘why metal shearing is so useful and whether my project needs it.’

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an industrialist, consult us at AZ Metals, and we will guide you through it.

Here’s why selecting AZ Metals is a great decision:

Precision: We pride ourselves on being the best in business for metal shearing in Phoenix, Arizona, as we offer the highest shearing quality, thanks to our machines and trained staff.

Efficiency: If your project is time-sensitive, you can trust us with it. At AZ Metals, we offer fast and efficient metal shearing, making us ideal for high-volume projects.

Versatility: Metal shearing is used to shear different metals. Whether it is aluminum, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, brass, copper, alloy, nickel, bronze, tool steel, titanium or exotic alloys, we shear all of these at AZ Metals. We offer versatility. So, if you need shearing of any metal, bring it to us, and we will be happy to help you.

Cost-Effectiveness: We believe in offering quality at the right cost and thus offer cost-effective metal shearing in Phoenix, AZ.

What Makes Us Stand Apart?

AZ Metals was established in 2011 by Doug and Jill Cone. Doug has 40 years of experience in the metal industry which gave him an edge when he decided to offer quality metal products and services in Phoenix.

In these years, we became the best metal supplier in Phoenix due to the following reasons:

We have the best-trained staff in Phoenix who know what you need and offer you a solution to your problem. Whether it is about sourcing the right metal or metal fabrication services, our staff will help you.

Our experience has made us stand apart from our competitors, as it has helped us grow immensely. Knowledge and skills are crucial in the metal business, and we have it.

Our state-of-the-art machines deserve credit as well because they offer the cuts that you need. Our investment in the machines has been our best decision ever.

Last but not least, our goal has always been to serve our customers with quality. It helped us create a wide customer base, including DIY enthusiasts and big industrialists.

If you choose AZ Metals for metal shearing in Phoenix, AZ, you will make the right decision.

Give us a call or visit us at the office. Our doors are always open for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que: Can I try metal shearing for my pet project?

Ans: The answer is yes, but only if you have prior experience of metal fabrication. There are multiple metal shear cutters available in the market which are safe to use. However, it is advised that you choose a professional for metal shearing in Phoenix, AZ.

Que: Which industries use metal shearing?

Ans: Several industries use metal shearing, including automotive, aerospace, kitchen appliances, construction, and manufacturing. If you are not sure whether your industry requires metal shearing services, visit us at AZ Metals in Phoenix, AZ, and we will help you.

Que: What thickness of metal can be sheared?

Ans: Metal shearing can be used to cut metal sheets and plates ranging from thin gauge materials (typically 0.005 inches or thinner) to thicker materials (up to several inches thick), depending on the capabilities of the shearing equipment.


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