Metal Drilling in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Drilling in Phoenix, AZ

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Drilling steel or any other metal is a complex yet fundamental process in metalworking industries worldwide. Drilling refers to creating strategic holes in metal, enabling the assembly, fastening, and customization of metal parts for various applications.

The process requires skills and the right tools to achieve perfection; thus, it is not a process you should attempt on your own. Visit us at AZ Metals, and let us handle your project expertly.

What is Metal Drilling?

Metal drilling is a machining process that utilizes a rotating drilling machine that carves a hole in the workpiece. Sounds easy, does it not? However, it isn’t what it looks like.

A drill bit is used to carve a hole. A drill bit is designed so that, when rotated at a great speed, it scoops out the metal effectively, leaving a clean, clear hole behind. Almost every industry that works with metal uses sheet metal drill services for assembly, customization, and other purposes.

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Metal Drilling for Steel: How It Works?

Metal drilling is more complicated than it sounds because it requires a steady hand and skill to carve a hole in the metal at a precise location. First, we study the metal that needs to be drilled, its thickness, hardness, and other attributes so that we can pick the right metal drill bit. This comes with experience, and our trained employees know which drill bit is best for the project.

The metal is marked for the holes, and a carbide, titanium, or cobalt drill bit is attached to the machine. Depending on the thickness and hardness of the metal, the rotation speed of the drilling machine is set. As the drilling machine is lowered, the drill bit makes contact with the metal, and its design allows careful scooping of the metal, creating a perfect hole.

Why Choose AZ Metals for Sheet Metal Drill Services?

We pride ourselves on employing cutting-edge machinery and selecting the appropriate drill bits for metal drilling in steel. Unlike some, we understand that the efficacy of metal hole drilling lies not only in state-of-the-art machines but also in the choice of drill bits. Tailoring our approach to your project specifications, we ensure the use of the right drill bits for optimal results.

Our years of knowledge, experience, and attention to detail have made us stand apart from the crowd. In the last 13 years of our work, we have handled numerous drilling projects, which has helped us hone our skills.

Precision and efficiency are important in metal drilling, and we strive to offer the best sheet metal drill services by offering what you demand. Whether your project is small or huge, you can rely on us.

Our Strength

Every business has some strengths that help push it forward in the competition. For AZ Metals, several factors have worked over the years and are still working, which we would like to share:

  • When Doug and Jill started the business in 2011, they were fueled by the experience that Doug had gained working in the metal industry since 1983, first through a large (top 25 In the country) flat rolled Metal Service Center and then also completing a 10-year metal franchise agreement. This 27+ years in the metal industry prior to opening AZ Metals created a background extensive within the industry. So, when they started AZ Metals, they had extensive experience under their belt, which is crucial for every business.
  • A company’s mission says a lot about it. AZ Metals aims for “Extensive Selection and exceptional Service,” which it has achieved by offering quality services and products.
  • Thirteen years is a long time. It shows consistency, experience, and quality, which sets AZ Metals apart from its competitors.
  • Doug and Jill also aim to leave a legacy, and thus, they have trained staff whose vision aligns with the company’s. This makes the employees work even harder and gain the requisite knowledge, which ensures that you receive quality service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: How do you achieve precision hole placement in metal drilling?

Ans: One needs accurate measuring and layout tools, center drilling, or pilot hole drilling to establish reference points, which ensure proper alignment and fixturing for drilling operations.

Que: Is metal drilling an automated process?

Ans: With the evolution of drilling technology, CNC machines have also automated metal drilling, making it faster and more accurate than ever. At AZ Metals, we believe in walking alongside technology and embracing change.

Que: What types of drill bits are used in metal drilling?

Ans: Multiple drill types are used in metal drilling, including twist drills, center drills, spot drills, cobalt drills, carbide drills, and step drills. Each drill bit is used for specific holes and metals. If you are a beginner and know little about drilling, visit us AT AZ Metals for quality metal drilling in Phoenix, AZ.

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