Copper Metal Supplier in Phoenix, AZ

Copper Metal Supplier in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for high-quality copper products? Visit AZ Metals today!

Copper is a beautiful metal. It is malleable, ductile, and soft, and thus, it is in high demand by multiple industries. It is also a great option for artistic pursuits. The only downside is that it gets patina over time. Thus, you must source copper products from a trusted and experienced copper supplier in Phoenix, AZ, who  offers the widest range of copper products and the best custom metal fabrication services.

There is no better choice for copper requirements in Phoenix, Mesa, and surrounding areas than AZ Metals. We have been in the industry for over a decade and are known for consistent quality and unmatched after-sales services.

Visit us today to source the best copper metal in Mesa and Phoenix.

What Do We offer?

We offer the following copper grades:

C101& C102 – TheseCopper Grades are oxygen-free grades and have excellent conductivity. It is typically available in bars (round, square, and rectangular), sheets, and plates.

C122 – This Copper Grade is deoxidized high-phosphorus and has great formability. It is available in  a Coiled Round Tube, Round Tube, Pipe, Sheet, and Plate.

C145 – This Copper Grade has Tellurium, which makes it very machinable. It is typically available in Round Bar.

C172 (Class 4) – This copper has beryllium, which gives it the highest strength of the copper grades. Due to the toxicity of the Beryllium, the availability is low. It is typically available in a round bar. Precaution should be used if welding.

182 (Class 2) – This Copper has Chromium which makes it an exception for conductivity and is used in resistance welding. It is typically available in Bar (Round, Square, Rectangle, and Hexagon).

The most common grade that we house at AZ Metals is C110. If you are not sure which copper metal grade you might need, this is your “go to” grade.

Do not waste your time looking for copper metal suppliers in Phoenix, AZ. Choose AZ Metals and source the best quality copper products and copper steel from us.

Why Choose AZ Metals?

When sourcing copper, be it for your retail or industrial needs, you need a supplier who can meet the distinct demands of your projects—one who has experience in custom fabrication and offers a wide range of products to choose from. In addition, if you need on-site help, they can help you.

We offer everything you might need.

The best thing about working with AZ Metals is that you get the expertise you need. We have been in business since 2011 and have the required knowledge to help you choose the correct metal grade. Choosing from multiple copper products and grades can be overwhelming, especially when working on a DIY project. Our experienced staff can help you out.

We also offer custom metal fabrication, including drilling, notching, punching, shearing, metal cutting, etc., so you get the desired metal and expert design, thanks to the state-of-the-art machines we house.

Also, what makes us stand apart from our competitors is our after-sales services. We are there for you until you are satisfied with your purchase or service.

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Get ready to check out the widest range of copper products in Phoenix and Mesa.  If you need copper, choose AZ Metals, the best copper metal suppliers in Phoenix, AZ, Mesa, and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Can you help me choose the right copper metal grade?

Ans: Yes. Please let us know the purpose of your project, and we can help you source the right metal grade. You can visit our store and check out the multiple copper products, as one of them might be a right fit for your project.

Que: Can you weld the copper metal?

Ans: We offer multiple custom metal fabrication services, including welding.

Que: Can you deliver copper metal products?

Ans: We offer delivery services on every order. There is no minimum order requirement.

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