Metal Sawing in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Sawing in Phoenix, AZ

High-quality metal sawing services only at AZ Metals.

Metal sawing or metal cutting is a popular method as it can offer straight cuts and saw even thicker metal. With the use of the right tools and skills, metal sawing becomes easier. For quality metal sawing services in Phoenix, AZ, connect with AZ Metals today!

What is Metal Cutting?

Metal sawing is a traditional metal fabrication technique that has been in use for quite some time. Until the introduction of automated metal sawing machines, it was performed manually. However, time has changed.

The process of metal sawing is as follows:

A powered saw with teeth around its circumference is used for sawing metal. When the machine is powered, the saw starts rotating, and cuts the metal beneath it.

It might look like metal shearing, but the two processes are entirely different.

Metal shearing offers straighter cuts but is useful for thin metal sheets. Metal sawing is the preferred method for thicker metals, pipes, bars, rods, and structural shapes.

Metal sawing is not exclusively an automated process, despite the availability of machines. It requires a fine balance between skills and automation.

At AZ Metals, we have the best machines and have trained our staff well to ensure that you can trust us without hesitation.

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Metal Cutting Equipment at AZ Metals, Phoenix, AZ

Our machines have helped us gain this reputation in the market. They do deserve a mention here:

Hyd Mech S20 Mechanical Saw

The Hyd Mech S20 Mechanical saw is a cantilever style which can make single & multiple cuts and miter up to 38 degrees, 13” width. It can saw up to a 12” diameter on rounds, 8” on squares, and flats up to 18” wide. The Blade is 1” wide and  has variable speed controls that allows  a variety of material sawing whether it is copper, brass, bronze, nickel, aluminum, carbon steel, or cutting steel.

Hyd Mech H12 Band Saw with Auto Feed

Our Hyd Mech H12 Band Saw is an H-Frame style which can cut rounds, flat and squares up to 12”tall and 12” wide.  It has an auto-feed system that allows for repeatable cuts within (+/-.020”).  This saw also has a 1” wide blade and variable speed controls to allow sawing of a wide variety of materials.  The “H” frame design makes it ideal for larger diameter cuts with minimum blade deflection.

The Kama Band Saw

This band saw comes with a 6” capacity and can miter 2” material up to 45 degrees either way. It can also cut vertical 6”. Its tolerance is +/- 1/16th.

This steel-cutting saw can also cut other metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc.

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Why Choose AZ Metals for Metal Sawing?

Sawing steel might seem simple, but if you don’t choose the right metal fabricator, you might end up with wasted metal and inconsistent  cuts, which is not how metal is cut.

If you are wondering why you should choose AZ metals for sawing metal, you have multiple reasons:

Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality, and it is reflected in our metal sawing projects. From selecting materials to selecting metal sawing machines and ensuring precise cuts, we offer top-notch results.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Metal sawing is an art, and our machines and staff are artists who work together to achieve efficiency and precision.  Our machinery guarantees that you’ll delight in the final outcome of your metal sawing project, making AZ Metals your preferred choice time and again.

Experienced Staff

We take pride in our experienced staff who are adept at overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional services.

Excellent Customer Service.

Even after the project is completed, we offer exceptional customer service in case you need it. From initial consultation to final delivery of the project, we are here for you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Choose AZ Metals for Metal Sawing in Phoenix, AZ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: How do you ensure quality and precision in metal sawing?

Ans: Quality control is essential in metal fabrication; we take it very seriously. From metal procurement to metal sawing, each product and service undergoes strict quality checks. This is why we have established ourselves as the best metal fabricators in Phoenix, AZ.

Que: Is metal sawing expensive?

Ans: There is no straightforward answer to this question because you must derive the true value of whatever you are paying for. Also, it depends on the project size, the metal being cut, the complexity of cuts, etc. At AZ Metals, you get value for the cost you pay. And you will not be disappointed.

Que: Do you offer metal sawing services for both retail and large-scale needs?

Ans: Yes. No matter how small or large your project is, AZ Metals is here for you. We offer tailored cutting solutions for every size of project. Contact us today for excellent metal sawing in Phoenix, AZ.

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