Metal Punching and Notching in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Punching and Notching in Phoenix, AZ

Whether it is a small project or a huge one, you can trust AZ Metals for exceptional punching and notching services in Phoenix, AZ.

We have been in the industry since 2011 and offer the best metal services in town. Check out our page for details.

Metal Punching and Notching

The two processes might seem similar, though they are quite distinct.

Metal punching refers to using hydraulic force to push a hole using a punch/die in metal sheets, plates, or bars.  The hole can be round, square or oval (slotted).  It can be performed anywhere within the area of the material as long as the machine throat will allow.

Metal notching, on the other hand, refers to removing the outer edges of the metal.

Metal punching and notching both require exceptional skills and a fine balance between automation and human intervention to achieve the desired results.

Trust only AZ Metals for metal punching and notching in Phoenix, Arizona.

#1 Metal Punching and Notching in Phoenix, Arizona

If you have ever tried or are planning to attempt metal punching and notching on your own, you must have realized that it is not an easy process.

At AZ Metals, we have achieved such perfection with years of practice, and thanks to our machines, which we have chosen from among the best, to offer you unparalleled services in Phoenix. In addition, our staff’s expertise gives us a competitive edge.

We aim to minimize waste while offering affordable sheet metal hole punching and ensuring that our operations are quick and efficient.

Our Star Machine

In today’s world, machines are an indispensable part of our lives, and at AZ Metals, we embrace technology. Thus, we have employed only the best sheet metal punching and metal notching machine, GEKA 120 ton Universal Ironworker, which provides clean and sharp cuts.

  • GEKA’s capacity is 120 tons. It can create a metal punch hole of up to 1 ½” diameter in a 5/8” thick carbon steel plate and one 1-1/16” diameter in a 1” thick carbon steel plate.
  • In a shear flat/ bar it can shearlow carbon up to 24” wide and 5/8” thick and 12” wide up to 1” thick..
  • Angle and Rod/Bar shearing using 93 tons, which will cut up to 6” X 6” X ½” Carbon Steel Angles, up to 1 ½” diameter Carbon Steel Round Bar, and up to 1 ½” Carbon Steel Square Bar.
  • Cope notching up 3/8” thick Carbon Steel with a 4” width.

If you are confused about what you need, visit AZ Metals and let us help you!

Why Should You Choose AZ Metals?

There are multiple reasons why AZ Metals should be your choice if you require superior-quality metal punching and notching in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Experience is counted in our industry, and at AZ Metals, we can boast that we have been in the business since 2011 and have handled numerous projects since we started working.
  • Our qualified workforce is learned, and we consider them our biggest assets. They are the backbone of our firm.
  • The third wheel of our successful vehicle is the machine that we talked about above.
  • The fourth and most important wheel is the coordination and alignment of interests among management and the workforce, which is why AZ Metals works superiorly.

Visit us today at AZ Metals for quality metal fabrication services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: What factors determine the choice between metal punching and metal notching?

Ans: The choice between the two methods depends on the requirement, such as hole or cutout shape, material thickness, production volume, etc.

Que: What are the common applications of metal punching and notching?

Ans: These methods are useful in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, and manufacturing. They create multiple components required by these industries.

Que: What are the limitations of metal punching and notching?

Ans: There are multiple limitations, such as material deformation, tool wear, burr formation, etc. Thus, it is advised that you choose only an expert, such as AZ Metals, for metal punching and notching in Phoenix, AZ.

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