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Brass and bronze are metal alloys known for their distinct and beautiful colors. And, of course, their different usages. If you are sourcing any of these two alloys, you must visit us at AZ Metals in Mesa, as we are the best brass supplier in Phoenix, Mesa, and surrounding areas.

Composition of Brass and Bronze

Brass is a yellow alloy whose main constituents are copper, and zinc. The constitution of the alloy can differ and thus impact its color. Some brass grades are close to red due to high copper content. The copper content is 66%, while 34% is zinc.

Bronze is a reddish alloy mainly composed of tin and copper. The copper content is 88%, with 12% tin.

Both the metals are corrosion resistant but get patina over time. Both brass and bronze have multiple uses in jewelry, electrical components, decorative items, plumbing equipment, etc.

Need to source brass or bronze? Are you looking for a quality brass metal supplier in Phoenix, AZ, Mesa, and surrounding areas? Visit AZ Metals today to find what you are looking for.

What We Offer?

C360 Brass—Commonly called Free Cutting Brass or Yellow Brass, this is the most common brass for general-purpose use. It has excellent machining properties and is available in Round, Square, and Rectangular Bars.

C260 Brass – Commonly called Cartridge Brass, this material is an easily machined brass that offers good formability. It is most commonly available in Round Tube, Sheet and Plate.

C464 Brass – Commonly called Naval Brass, this material has great resistance to fatigue, stress, and wear. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to salt water. It is most commonly available in Round Bar.

C932 Bronze—Commonly called Bearing Bronze, this material has excellent anti-friction properties and machinability. It is available in Round Bars, Tubes, and Flats.

C954& C630 Bronze – This is an aluminum bronze that has higher strength and corrosion resistance. It is available in Round Bar, Tube, and Flats.

C673& C863—This is a Manganese Bronze that is excellent at performing under high-speed applications. C863 is available in Round Bars, Tubes, and Flats, while C673 is available in Rounds.

C510 & C544—This is a Phosphorous Bronze with high corrosion resistance and strength. It is available in Round Bars.

C642 – This Silicon Bronze has added lubricity due to the Silicon and is excellent for bearings and heavy loads. It is available in Round Bar.

Why Choose Us?

The bronze metals we discussed above are the popular brass and bronze grades that we offer, but we also house steel bronze, steel brass, and other metal grades that are useful for distinct purposes. Both bronze and brass are often better substitutes for steel as both are cheaper metals.

If you are having difficulty deciding, visit AZ Metals and let our experienced staff help you choose the right metal for your project. Our well-trained staff possess the required training and experience to help you through the variety of metal grades that we offer. This is our strength, that we house almost 20000 line items you can choose from. We also offer custom metal fabrication services.

Step into our location and discover a one-stop solution for all your metal requirements. Experience why we are renowned as the top brass metal supplier in Phoenix, AZ. Come see us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: How do I choose between brass and bronze for my project?

Ans: The choice between brass and bronze depends on several factors, including the specific requirements of your project, such as mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic considerations. Brass may be preferable for applications requiring good machinability and conductivity, while bronze may be better suited for high strength and wear resistance applications.

Que: Should I choose steel over brass and bronze?

Ans: We house carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and other metals. If it is challenging to choose between brass and bronze, visit us at AZ Metals in Phoenix, AZ, and discuss it with our staff. Based on your needs, we will be able to better guide you.

Que: Can brass and bronze metal be soldered and welded?

Ans: Yes, brass and bronze can be soldered and welded. However, one needs the right techniques and tools to achieve perfection. For custom metal fabrication services, choose AZ Metals, the best custom metal fabricator and brass metal supplier in Phoenix, AZ.

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